Personalized instruction. Fun group classes.

When you join the North Taekwondo team and family, you get more than just a fun activity twice a week.

  • Receive quality, World Taekwondo certified coaching and instruction.
  • Develop martial arts skills, exercise, fitness training, and discipline that will enhance your performance in any sport.
  • Grow with other beginners and returning Taekwondo players.
  • Receive unlimited coaching, motivation, and support.

North Taekwondo is taught in the same style as Guam Taekwondo Center, Master Michelle's home dojang, and shares its same martial arts spirit. As Guam Taekwondo Center's first branch, North Taekwondo follows an identical program, and carries the same high standards of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Choombi at North Taekwondo




Classes are currently offered once a week, and are 50 minutes each in length.

All Ages (Ages 7-40) 

Thursdays 5pm - 5:50pm

We're starting off with one class for all ages. Don't worry - the training content is the same. As our numbers grow, we'll be dividing groups according to age.

Coming soon! Sign up for our waitlist!

PeeWees (Ages 3-5)
Kids (Ages 6-9)
Juniors (Ages 10-13)
Meditative Taekwondo - Coming soon!
Taekwondo Conditioning (All Ages) - Coming soon!