Taekwondo Conditioning


Our Taekwondo Conditioning class promotes physical fitness through martial arts training. The sparring, kicking, and stepping techniques in Taekwondo differ from those of other sports, and this class will teach you how to excel in the style of Taekwondo.

  • Learn sparring techniques used in local, national, world, and Olympic competitions
  • Practice beginner level kicks executed at advanced levels
  • Train with Taekwondo cardio and develop the training endurance for kicking and sparring

We recommend this class for people of all ages, levels, and martial arts backgrounds.

  • Perfect for those who are interested in trying out Taekwondo, but aren't ready to commit to the journey yet. 
  • Great conditioning and extra practice for current students.
  • The best way for athletes and other martial artists to learn Taekwondo finesse in a level environment.