Meditative Taekwondo

Meditation at North Taekwondo

A paced approach to martial arts fitness, our Meditative Taekwondo class emphasizes the reflective spirit of Taekwondo.

Class time is spent with a deeper focus on poomsae (forms) conditioning, meditative exercises, and longevity of the martial art. Our students practice and strengthen exercises for balance, movement, and stress management. We also emphasize poomsae (forms) rules under World Taekwondo Kukkiwon standards - so that students may compete in local and national tournaments (and strive for World Championships one day!).

We created this class because of the importance of understanding the contemplative nature of the sport to develop the discipline, techniques, and Taekwondo spirit needed to earn a true black belt.

Although the class is for all ages and belt levels, we especially encourage senior citizens, injured players, or returning martial artists to join.