Master Michelle Caluag

4th Dan Black Belt
World Taekwondo



2007-2017 Guam Taekwondo Center, Demonstration Team
2008 Oceania Taekwondo Regional Championships, Bronze (Senior Women's Sparring, Welterweight)
2008 Oceania Taekwondo Regional Championships, Bronze (Team Poomsae, Women's 2nd Dan)
2010 George Washington University Taekwondo Course, Teaching Assistant
2011-2012 George Washington University Taekwondo Club, President
2011-2013, George Washington University Taekwondo, Team Captain
2012 National Collegiate Taekwondo Association Championship, Silver (Poomsae)



Master Michelle comes from a family of Taekwondo practitioners, and has been practicing the martial art since childhood. She has trained alongside Philippine Olympians and world champions at various Taekwondo seminars, workshops, and scrimmages, both in Guam, her home island, and in Manila, Philippines.

Master Michelle has been teaching Taekwondo since obtaining her black belt in 2008. Since then, she has instructed at Guam Taekwondo Center, Andersen Air Force Base (Guam), and the George Washington University. She has led self-defense workshops and instructional seminars for university organizations, children's programs, and intercollegiate Taekwondo meets.

Master Michelle is a former Guam National Team Athlete. She was trained by Master Noly Caluag, former Philippine National Champion and Chief Instructor of Guam Taekwondo Center.  

She founded North Taekwondo to promote traditional, Olympic-style Taekwondo in the Bay Area, and to continue her father's widespread martial arts legacy.